Ca’ del Faggio

From the land to the bottle with perseverance anc discipline.
Ca’ Del Faggio is produced with grapes from historic vines that have been in our family for generations. The vineyards are situated in the hamlets of Guia, Santo Stefano and Soligo, zones renowned for the highest quality wines with the designation DOCG. We personally see to the needs of the plants, soil and grapes.
We enjoy being among the vines with our children, letting them run free and play on the grass.
We apply perseverance and discipline to our daily tasks, making technical decisions to reduce the use of chemicals, where possible eliminating them completely.
Tying and pruning the vines, grass cutting and other operations are done by hand.
We plant young vines in spring when the climate is favourable, prune vines only when they are dormant and do not irrigate.

Cut grass is used for mulching and fertilisers are strictly organic.

Following in our father’s footsteps,
we also observe the lunar calendar.
Hand picking begins when the grapes are ripe and ready for harvesting; every year Nature is our guide. A nearby chestnut wood provides the support poles for the vineyard and we use willow branches for tying the vines.
Vinification operations are reduced to a minimum so that the must can ferment naturally in its own time.
Just a few racking off operations preserve all the wine’s ingredients and guarantee its long life.
Our relationship with Nature is close, complicit and mutually respectful.
It means observing fermentation and second fermentation times.
The wine stands on the yeasts for at least 60 days, enriching its structure and acquiring complex sensory values and fine perlage, as well as longer life.